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It takes at least 3 sessions to manifest change. Click 'Book' above to book your initial consultation and pay for your 3-session package. 

Sub-optimal health can manifest in several different ways. Maybe you travelled abroad and haven't felt well ever since or you took a course of antibiotics and ever since then your gut has been off. Some people just don't know what to eat that's good for them or have the time to meal prep.


Imagine a relaxed, comfortable environment where you can open up about your health concerns. Michelle will look for triggers in your life that have led you to the condition you are in now and the factors that are keeping you in that state. Together we'll work on a unique plan that can support you in your journey to improved health. 

Consultation Package 

One-on-one consultations are available in a three session, 8-week package. The initial one hour consultation may be face-to-face in clinic in Covent Garden, London or via Zoom call. The two, 45-minute, subsequent follow-up sessions review your progress and set new goals to continue moving forward to optimal health. The initial plan can be tweaked as necessary and we can tackle any challenges you may have met. These will be via Zoom call.

Prior to the initial consultation, clients will be provided with a comprehensive questionnaire to complete, providing current details of health, lifestyle, symptoms and a 3-day food diary. All information provided will be strictly confidential. Once provided, Michelle will do a rigorous analysis of the information and in the consultation, will aim to bring suspected imbalances back on track using various tools such as a unique diet and lifestyle plan, testing and/or a supplement plan. 

Packages are paid for in advance. If you would like to reschedule a consultation or call, kindly provide Michelle with 24-hours prior notice (if a therapy room is booked, 48-hours notice is required). Following the 8-week programme, if you would like additional sessions, they will be charged at £80 per 45-minute session.

You can also try the '5-Week Digestive Boost Challenge'.

What are people saying? 

Paola, M.

Michelle is very intuitive, professional and understanding. She listened to my story and tried to really get me back to basics to understand the impact of food on my daily life and my health. She supported me with my imbalances and she followed up carefully. She’s very proactive and she’s also a very nice person.

Joanne, B.

I have been lucky enough to have had a couple of sessions with Michelle.  My objectives were to lose fat and stabilise my moods.  Michelle brings a thorough diet plan and looked at my life in detail. She has transformed the way I eat, making healthy and tasty choices that I will stick to for life.  Michelle is passionate about good diet and well being and I would recommend her to anyone on a quest for a happier and healthier life. Honestly can't rave enough!!

Ilda, K.

I had four sessions with Michelle and she helped me think through the different challenges and goals that I needed to do. She also outlined a few coping mechanisms for my stress. At the end of the four weeks, I had the skills that I needed to cope with the different aspects of my life. Having someone to talk to on a weekly basis was helpful to keep me on track and true to my commitment. Michelle is a great listener and asked the right questions and always willing to help. I would greatly recommend sessions with her. 


BANT Registered Nutritionist,  

Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC & Health Coaches Academy Certified Health Coach

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