What is Health Coaching?

A coach is trained to have a holistic view of health, helping their client address common concerns such as poor diet, high stress levels, poor sleep, sedentary habits and a lack of time to devote to meal preparation. This is a gradual process helping individuals change from an unhealthy state to a healthier one. The coach’s constant source of motivation supports their clients to maintain the healthier lifestyle, instead of reverting back to old habits. The coach will help the client set realistic, achievable goals targeting their health.

Health coaching can also be beneficial to individuals suffering from chronic diseases. These individuals are found to adhere better to medication and be more accountable for their own diet and lifestyle, as a result of increased social interactions. These interactions can help these people feel less depressed, thus helping with blood sugar regulation and increasing their motivation to change.

When clients are faced with life challenges, they can often lose sight of the reason to change their behaviours. A health coach can help these individuals discover the larger reason for change, such as preventing disease, increasing energy levels, reducing stress, enjoying leisure activities, or overcoming a physical setback or condition. The health coach will also help them navigate challenges and setbacks along the way. Change is easier with a motivational support system.  

Optimal wellbeing is at the forefront of people being able to lead healthy, happy lives. Being able to share the knowledge and support through coaching is a large contributing factor to making a difference in society. Being healthy is generally important to everyone but making changes and breaking habits can be difficult, health coaching can make a difference here and help make the world a more positive place.


BANT Registered Nutritionist,  

Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC & Health Coaches Academy Certified Health Coach

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