Would you like a healthy meal plan that has been created specifically for you?

Why do I need this?

It can be really tough to know what to eat that is just right for you when you have a million other things to think about and a busy schedule. Let Michelle do the work for you. 

Who is this for?


Busy individuals that are confused about what to eat and overwhelmed with what's out there. These are simple, general meal plans focusing on a few factors that are unique to the individual. If you would like more specific help or if you have a chronic condition or are on certain medications, please arrange a consultation with Michelle.  

Complete and submit the questions below and Michelle will create a unique meal plan for you. Seven day meal plans cost £15. The meal plan will be sent out two working days after the form has been submitted and payment received.

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Reuben, M.

Michelle's programme has given me the knowledge and power to take control of my health and well-being.

Her coaching has not only given me set meal plans but has also taught me how to eat to facilitate lasting changes.

I'm a 30-year old male interested in gaining muscle and maintaining a healthy weight. Michelle has helped me achieve this by balancing my blood sugar levels and showing me how to eat so that my body is able to extract the maximum amount of nutrients from whole foods.

Monique, M.

The Live Better Health meal plan was a great way to kick start my healthy eating and living goals. The recipes were particularly useful and I felt so much more energized and motivated within the first week of following the plan. Thanks to Michelle for helping me on the journey to better health!

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BANT Registered Nutritionist,  

Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC & Health Coaches Academy Certified Health Coach

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