Sneaky Signs You Could Be Constipated and What To Do About It

You could be going every day, but something might still be off with your digestion. The food you’re eating is not flowing seamlessly through your gut and being eliminated properly (incomplete emptying). Residue that remains in your gut can cause your immune system to launch an attack leaving your gut riddled with inflammation.

About 16 in 100 adults suffer from constipation, and that number goes up to 33 in 100 in adults 60 and up. So, it's important for many of us to improve our poops, and in turn our digestive health. Many people think that eating enough fibre (38g per day for men, 25g per day for women) will automatically keep your bowel movements regular. When your bowels are moving, fibre is your friend and will keep them moving. But if you are backed up with constipation, fibre won't necessarily fix the issue and in some cases can make you feel worse. In that setting, the emphasis needs to be placed on getting the bowels moving again so that fibre can get back to being your friend that helps keep things moving through.

So, what are the symptoms of incomplete emptying? Virtually everyone who is struggling with this have gas and/or bloating.

Other symptoms include:

- Abdominal pain that migrates to different locations and is often worse with meals

- Nausea or queasiness

- Loss of appetite

- Feeling full quickly after eating

- Acid reflux

- Fatigue

- Brain fog

What can you do about it?

- Drink more water

You need to float the log down the river.

- Move your body

When your body moves, your colon moves, and you need your colon to move to have a bowel movement.

- Maintain a habit

Your digestive tract is best at being regular when you're regular about the timing. It is best to have a bowel movement at the same time every day. One way to establish a habit is to sit on the toilet after coffee and breakfast each morning for five minutes, even if you don't feel like you need to go.

- Assume the position

Try elevating your feet on a stool, leaning forward and putting your elbows near your knees.

- Consider magnesium before bedtime

The mineral is good for sleep, good for mood, good for headaches and also good for healthy bowel movements.

It is incredibly important for health to make sure that you are having a proper bowel movement every day. Your body not only eliminates food waste through the stool, but also used hormones and toxins. If you don’t go properly, you could be poisoning yourself. Speak to Michelle if the above techniques do not help you.

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