Why pay for a nutritional therapist when you can see your doctor for free?

Updated: Jul 31, 2019

Have you ever had a condition like acne, eczema, psoriasis, rosacea, very dry skin, anxiety, depression, weight gain, athlete’s foot, thinning hair, low energy, bad breath, sinusitis, joint pain, poor concentration, frequent colds, cystitis, fungal nail, breast tenderness, bloating, gas, diarrhea and/or constipation?

You go see your doctor for 10/15 minutes and get a drug or a cream to suppress the symptoms, but you won’t actually find out why this has happened, what is going on inside your body, the root cause.

Your body needs to be balanced and typically when several things inside your body are going wrong, it will manifest in some sort of visible condition or symptom. This is the last resort. Leave it long enough and you’ll notice more and more symptoms cropping up.

A registered nutritional therapist will explore what imbalances could be occurring inside your body. We’ll listen to your health story from birth to present and look for potential triggering events, lifestyle factors that have led you to the state that you are currently in and what is keeping you in this state of unwell.

What may have led you to this state?

Do you have a genetic susceptibility? Do you live in a toxic environment, in the city, using loads of chemicals like cleaning products, certain cosmetics and make-up? Have you been consuming a diet low in nutrients and rich in refined and processed foods? Have you been taking medication for a really long time? Have you not been sleeping well or exercising?

Triggering events could be a bereavement, a divorce, chronic stress at work, foreign travel, a course of antibiotics or certain other medication, surgery and/or a change in diet.

The imbalances could be what is keeping you in this state.

Is your body detoxifying properly, is your intestinal lining compromised, are your hormones and neurotransmitters signaling adequately, are you eliminating toxins efficiently, are you producing energy effectively, are your defence and repair systems functioning optimally, is your digestion and absorption of nutrients happening seamlessly, is your body’s inner transportation system streamlined and is your mental and emotional state tranquil?

You may ask how we identify these imbalances and how we realign your body?

Everyone is unique and looking at exactly what is going on with you and creating a personalised plan is fundamental to nutritional therapy. We plot your diet, lifestyle and symptoms (your life) into various categories and identify where things are going wrong. Once identified, we will work with you to eliminate toxins & triggering foods, create a unique diet and exercise plan, work on improving your sleep & stress levels and supplement & lab test (if required). Depending on your situation, there are other tools that we can use to help you realign your body.

Ask yourself this.. Is your health worth investing in?

Please note that nutritional therapy is a complementary service and does not replace medical advice. We work with other health care professionals and do not claim to treat or diagnose any medical conditions. We will also refer you to your doctor where necessary.

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