Why Invest in Corporate Wellness?

Updated: Jun 11, 2020

Corporate leaders have profits as their primary focus when running a business, but the modern, forward-thinking employer acknowledges that maintaining a happy, healthy workforce increases productivity and reduces costs, thus boosting profits.

In the past, corporate views have been that anyone is replaceable and if an employee isn’t happy, they can just find someone else. But why not try and retain the staff you have by showing that you value their physical and mental well-being? This can have a significant impact on cost reduction factoring in recruitment, selection, temporary cover, training and induction.

Office environments that do not value the mental and physical well-being of their staff is a thing of the past. Employers are now focused on creating an office environment that employees are happy to be part of. More and more businesses are exploring ways to reduce employee stress and improve their physical and psychological health.

So, what is Corporate Wellness?

The term wellness covers many aspects of the way we feel about our lives, jobs, and relationships. Our feelings of well-being at work are influenced by day to day experiences with colleagues and management, how purposeful we feel and the work that we do. Employers can have a major influence on an individual’s sense of well-being, which can have a wealth of benefits for the organisation itself.

How do you do this?

Help your employees live healthier by providing the education, training and support that they need to make healthier choices and live a more well-balanced life. Corporate wellness programs concentrate on the physical and mental health of employees by including a combination of on-site personal training services, massage therapy, health assessments, advice on making healthy diet and lifestyle choices and weight loss counseling.

Advantages of Investing in Corporate Wellness

Investing in corporate wellness directly correlates with a decrease in the rate of employee absenteeism. Most absences are related to illness, healthier employees take less time off from work.

If employees are present at work and feeling healthy, happy and supported, job performance is going to increase. Promoting physical fitness will also help employees work more efficiently and consistently.

Healthier, more physically fit employees are less likely to seek alternative employment if their current employer has a sound health program in place. An effective wellness program also encourages employees to work together, strengthening their team ethic and building a natural support structure that will improve their performance on the job.

Health insurance is one of corporate’s most costly benefits. Improve your risk of excessive claims by decreasing the likelihood that employees will need to use the insurance to any great extent. In some cases, insurance providers may well be able to reduce your policy costs if you have a good employee wellness program in place.

How can Live Better Health support your company?

Michelle can provide an informative talk on the fundamental link between the gut and mental health, the significant impact stress has on health and useful nutrition and lifestyle tips to improve health. Michelle can also combine coaching and nutritional therapy to support employees in a one-on-one scenario to provide personalised guidance on how to be healthier. This unique combination can help individuals change their mind-sets and break habits. Michelle can also lead meditation sessions to help alleviate stress in the workplace.

If you would like more information, contact Michelle now.

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