Has your company tasked you with finding a corporate wellness plan but you don't know where to start?

Look no further...

What is Corporate Wellness? 

Workplace wellness is any workplace health promotion activity or organisational policy designed to support healthy behaviour in the workplace and to improve health outcomes.

Why do Companies need Corporate Wellness? 

What is on Offer? 

Virtual Webinars

Select from multiple topics for these interactive webinars. Employees can listen in or listen to the recording afterwards.

Online Programmes

Employees can choose a self-directed programme to complete at their convenience with support from Michelle. 

1-on-1 virtual consultations

Employees will have 30 minutes of virtual, one-on-one time with Michelle to discuss their health concerns. They'll receive unique advice & relevant handouts.

3-month challenge

Employees compete at various challenges to improve their health. A questionnaire is used to assess progress monthly. 

Why book with Michelle?

- Having worked in the Finance industry for over a decade, Michelle has a unique understanding of the issues that employers and employees face when it comes to wellbeing.

- Michelle is organised and approachable allowing employees to feel at ease when engaging with her. 

- The material is based on extensive, scientific research providing clients with the tools to lead happier, healthier lives. 

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Are you ready? 

Book a free discovery call to discuss your company's corporate wellness needs. 

Frequently asked questions

Who will be hosting the sessions?

Michelle Boehm, an experienced corporate wellness specialist, qualified nutritional therapist and health coach.

How much do the sessions cost?

Online programme - £30 per employee 1 hour virtual webinar - £400 30-minute 1-to-1 employee health consultations - £800 per day 3-month challenge - £1,000

Can I choose my own topic?

Yes! We can certainly discuss any topic suggestions you may have.

Will there be handouts provided after the sessions?

Yes! Informative handouts will be provided after the session.

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BANT Registered Nutritionist,  

Registered Nutritional Therapist CNHC & Health Coaches Academy Certified Health Coach

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