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Frequently asked questions

When do I receive the questionnaire?

After you have expressed interest in the package via email, I will send you the questionnaire to complete. This will be a 2 page document to help me get a better understanding of your goals and training plan.

When will I notice a change?

Everyone is unique, some might respond quicker than others. This will really depend on your adherence to the plan. As a general guidance, you should start noticing a difference after 2 weeks. This is a 4-week plan but you can maintain the changes after this.

What is a regular check in and how many will I receive?

I will check-in on your progress via WhatsApp (if appropriate) once a week whilst you're doing the 4-week plan. Feel free to message me with questions any time.

Is the package refundable?

Unfortunately not, but you can postpone commencing under certain circumstances.

What happens after I have completed the questionnaire?

Please email the questionnaire back to me. We will then arrange a convenient time to chat and I will send you the details for payment.

How will we chat?

Once we have agreed on a time for the chat, I will send you a calendar invite with a Google Meet link to have a video conference. The chat is to hear a bit more about the answers you provided in your questionnaire and agree on a plan going forward.

How many chats will we have and how long is our chat?

The package includes one 30-minute to 1-hour chat (depending on how much further information I need). I will check in with you via WhatsApp after I have sent you the plan to monitor progress. If you would like to arrange another call, this will be charged at £50.

What does the tailored diet and lifestyle plan entail?

We will discuss what diet and lifestyle changes are appropriate for you in our call. The dietary recommendations will be specifically designed to achieve your goal and will entail a 4-week meal plan with recipes. The lifestyle section will focus on improving sleep, lowering stress and exercise (if relevant). I will also include recovery tips that are suitable for you. I will send you a detailed plan the day after our call.

Will the plan require a lot of meal prep and ingredients?

No. We will implement diet and lifestyle changes that are suitable and achievable for you. There will be some meal prep and new ingredients involved but these will be agreed by you.

How do I pay for the package?

The funds will be due after we have agreed to work together. Michelle will send the banking details for payment.


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